Shipping costs



Currently we ship to the following destinations:



DESTINATIONPrice VAT incl.Free shipping
The city of Valencia and its province (48/72 hours)2.99 €From 60€ + VAT
The city of Valencia and the province (24 hours)3.50 €From 100€ + VAT
Peninsula (except province of Valencia) (48/72 hours)4.50 €From 60€ + VAT
Peninsula (except province of Valencia) (24 hours)5.95 €From 150 € + VAT
Collection at Post office (Peninsula)3.99 €From 60€ + VAT
Balearic islands (48 hours)5.95 €Not available
Canary islands (3/4 days)12.95 € (without VAT)Not available
France (3/4 days)19,50 €Not available
France (7-10 days)8.95 €Not available
Germany (3/4 days)19,50 €Not available
Germany (7-10 days)8.95 €Not available
Italy (3/4 days)19,50 €Not available
Italy (7-10 days)8.95 €Not available
United kingdom (3/4 days)19,50 €Not available
Belgium (7-10 days)8.95 €Not available
Portugal (48/72 hours)5.95 €Not available
Netherlands (7-10 days)11.55 €Not available
Luxembourg (7-10 days)11.55 €Not available
Austria (7-10 days)11.55 €Not available
Ireland (7-10 days)11.95 €Not available
Denmark (7-10 days)11.95 €Not available
Finland (7-10 days)11.95 €Not available
Sweden (7-10 days)11.95 €Not available
Poland (7-10 days)11.95 €Not available
Hungary (7-10 days)9.95 €Not available
Czech republic (7-10 days)9.95 €Not available
Slovenia (7-10 days)9.95 €Not available
Slovakia (7-10 days)9.95 €Not available
Estonia (7-10 days)9.95 €Not available
Latvia (7-10 days)9.95 €Not available
Lithuania (7-10 days)9.95 €Not available
Greece (7-10 days)9.95 €Not available


If you want to make a request to another destination, please contact us.