BJC - Siemens Delta Style

The new models of Siemens DELTA style represent our proposal for the creation of spaces authentic and contemporary. The technical innovation and the high quality of the details are as indispensable as the language of the forms to its perfect integration in all environments. During the design process, has worked with the idea of transmitting a seamless interaction between the leading-edge technology and style.

The Style series is the epitome of a modern classic series, as much by its aesthetics as by its functionalities, which go beyond changes in fashion. In terms of aesthetics, DELTA style has been maintained with the passing of the years the immutable codes that still today make it in its functional version, one of the series most well known and recognizable. The renewed collection DELTA style combines design, elegance and technology for homes, offices and hotels.

Colors of the series Siemens Delta Style

Series Siemens delta sytyle we can find it in 4 different colors:

- white
- anthracite cosso
- chocolate
- platinum metallic

Mark Siemens Delta Style

Their frames, of one to 5 elements, can be installed interchangeably in horizontal and vertical




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