Schneider Elegance

Schneider Elegance, a universe of solutions

The range elegance, with more than 300 functions, represents the most complete offer on the market.

Design is pure, straight lines, minimalist, responsive to trends and current tastes, and that it has a full range of finishes

The mechanisms Schenider Elegance

Great breadth of features that offer each customer the best solution

Electronic mechanisms

Focused to reduce the energy consumption in the loads light and increase the comfort in homes and buildings

Technological developments, solutions, differential, minimalist lines and a complete range of finishes that responds to the trends and current tastes. With solutions inmóticas as the new multi-touch KNX Pro that combines the functional versatility of a thermostat and a push-button multi-function with the philosophy of handling intuitive on a mobile phone
or tablet intelligent.

With solutions that are differentiating as the antibacterial treatment in the whole range that provides a surface autodesinfectante, which removes long-lasting and effective the germs and bacteria, directly affecting the transmission channels. This objective is achieved through the integration of silver ions to the raw material, a respectful process with the environment that ensures the bactericidal action, and completely eliminates bacteria within 24 hours. The bactericidal action remains constant throughout the useful life of the switch.



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