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We have prepared this section of mechanisms electrical for you. You'll be able to find a wide variety of brands and mechanisms:

Mechanisms electrical Simon

  • Simon 27 and its variants Neos and Play
  • Simon 31
  • Simon 44 Aqua
  • Simon 73, Simon 73 loft
  • Simon 75
  • Simon 82, Simon 82 nature
  • Simon 100

Mechanisms electrical BJC

  • BJC Star
  • BJC Ibiza
  • BJC Iris
  • BJC Mega
  • BJC Sol Teida
  • BJC Rehabitat: geared especially for homes with box old. Change the mechanism without the need of works

Mechanisms electrical JUNG

  • JUNG LS 990
  • JUNG LS Zero
  • JUNG LS Design

Mechanisms electrical "Niessen"

  • "Niessen" Zenit
  • "Niessen" Rides
  • "Niessen" Sky
  • "Niessen" Arc
  • "Niessen" Touch

Other mechanisms

We also have other series of mechanisms, such as Legrand Mosaic, Garby or Schneider Unica. Check out our constant updates of prices, references and series. We are sure that one of all these series fits perfectly with your electrical project.

For any technical consultation on the electric mechanism, please do not hesitate to contact with us.