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Mechanism Schneider Elegance

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In this section the full range of mechanisms electric Schneider Elegance, the best solution for your electrical installation.

Features of the mechanism

Contacts test: allow the easy checking electrical without disassembling the mechanism

Depth streamlined: leaves more room for wires in the box

LED modules for easy insertion without need to disassemble the mechanism

Wiring diagram back which allows you to see clearly and quickly the connection options

Wiring is quick and safe for wires up to 4 mm 2 . Also possible with connection without screws.

Galvanized steel frame 1 mm a Perfect adaptation to all type of surface.

Frame rounded and without sharp edges for a safer installation. 4 counterbores for fixing by screw.

Claws of very fast action. Are enough 3 turns of the screwdriver to extend or pick up the claw in its entirety.

High-capacity of fastening to the recessed box.

Brands that facilitate the alignment. Clutches protected within the mechanism. Comfort during installation and security.

With interchangeable modules for electrical outlets can complement any installation with pilot lighting, or even increasing, the performance of a
plug without disassembling the mechanism.

In just a few seconds.