In this section you will find all types of lighting:

Interior lighting

A wide section of interior lighting , with the led lighting integrated or combined, will decorate every space in your home, store or office. From rings recessed, ceiling lamps, spotlights, floor lamps and a wide section of articles on lighting from the best brands. This section is continuously being updated with new models and manufacturers adapting to this time period LED to many changes it has brought.

Exterior lighting

For places to weather also, we have prepared a varied section of articles. These with greater protection to ensure the electric security. Any outside area without lighting. From lanterns to garden, ceiling watertight, screens, and bulbs with a special protection, without forgetting all the new range of LEDS that we're incorporating.

Lighting fixtures

One of the sections most valued, where you can find spare parts for lamps, from windows to soffits, crystal downlight, tulipas glass and accessories for the lamps. Take a look if yours is to restore lamps to classic or if you are looking for the crystal that ceiling has been broken.