JUNG LS 1912

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Jung LS 1912 Reinterpretation of a rocker switch mechanism
Drawing inspiration from the JUNG switch mechanisms of the early years, the LS 1912 rocker switch revives the on / off mechanics. The switching mechanism is designed in such a way that the plate closes flush with the frame. Only the rocker stick sticks out as a styling element of the unit.

JUNG transmits its long years of experience in metal processing to a refined selection of materials: from aluminum, steel and brass to bright chrome plating.

Smooth, level transitions form the subtle presence of the flush variant. A wide variety of materials come together, individual design elements are arranged to form a stylish collage. The steel switch mechanisms have been glass-ball blasted and the aluminum surfaces are matted. The LS 1912 in Dark is based on aluminum and is lacquered in a refined dark brown shade.

The lever, available in the shape of a cylinder, cone or cube, is matched to the material: the base material of the LS 1912 switches in chrome is brass, which, like the bathroom taps, is subjected to a chrome plating process. Through perfect processing, JUNG lays the foundation for the manufacture of this high-quality switch mechanism variant. On the LS 1912 in chrome, the rocker switch is cubic in shape.

JUNG has perfected the LS 1912 switch range: the classic rocker switch is now also available with an LED. The illuminated lever indicates the switching status or points the way to the light switch at a glance.

Jung LS 1912 Variety and formal language
The LS 1912 is the result of a convincing marriage of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

In the LS 1912, the rocker switch mechanisms, the plate and the switching mechanism have been developed modularly, so that no screws are visible when fixing. Thus, the switch mechanism can be combined with all single to quintuple frames of the LS series (LS 990, LS DESIGN, LS PLUS and LS ZERO) and fits in any conventional deep recessed base.

More than 200 mechanisms such as plugs, multimedia connections and international systems expand the range. Thanks to the ability to be combined with other JUNG systems and those of its collaborating partners, the LS 1912 can make stylish home concepts and individual hospitality solutions a reality.

All this and much more, you can have it with JUNG LS 1920, take a look at their entire catalog and be surprised.