Simon 270

Simon 270 mechanisms catalog

To improve, simplify. This is the motto of this Simon Mechanism series . A series that simplifies the design, enhances the image with a reinvented design. A neutral and zero intrusive design. It integrates perfectly into any space with a timeless design. 

With two versions of the same Simon 270 series icon and minimal, both with differentiated characteristics designed for all types of projects. Continuing with the general design, the frames have been reduced by 35% to avoid any protruding figure, thus integrating the frames to the wall.

Simon 270 is 100% pulsating

That's right, to increase simplicity and practicality, all the electrical pulsation mechanisms are pulsating, with a uniform and very pleasant touch, with a cutting and precise drive path. In addition, the pulsating mechanism makes the keys return to their initial position, always remaining in perfect order and harmony. 

The shcuko sockets on Simon 270

Clean schuko plugs

The elegance of the new CLEAN schuko Simon 270 lies in its simplicity. Its design goes beyond aesthetics and improves people's quality of life. CLEAN has reinvented the traditional format plug incorporating a superfi flat surface flush with the wall that fully integrates and makes it cleaner.

Magnetic auto-cover system

Simon 270's cleanliness is just as minimal as its design. Thanks to the patented auto-cover magnetic system , the cover moves automatically when the visible plugs are not used, thus avoiding the accumulation of dirt inside, facilitating cleaning and extending its durability.

IO connectivity

Connectivity at the service of your well-being. Simon 270 is perfectly understood, even without HUB, with Amazon Alexa, Hey Google and, of course, with you. Through them, you can talk to all the electronic devices of Simon 270 , since they are always connected with your Wi-Fi, without the need for any additional installation. Although, if you prefer, you can also control them from the Simon iO App on your mobile. 

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