Berker mechanisms

Berker electrical mechanisms
As the inventor of the modular system, Berker has a single mechanism for different aesthetics. The current mechanisms are left on the wall. Only aesthetic ones are substituted. Even if a control switch or illuminated switch is desired, the mechanism is always the same.

This means that:

- There are no wrong mechanisms in the installation
- Minimum stock
- Long-term customer satisfaction

Berker functionality and design
The tried and tested modular design and the extremely flat angle of only 3.5º make the switch look very flat on the wall. To make installation easy, the concept of Flexolift grips was created.

The claws fit flush and are automatically forced into position when released. On the back of the switch is a laser engraving of the circuit diagram, graphic symbol, and length of uninsulated conductor length required for connection. On the front, the reference of the mechanism stands out to be able to identify it very easily. A guard around the claw screws prevents damage to the conductors. The keys are guided primarily with the help of mounts on the mechanism, making the mechanism easier to use.


What to know when buying the Berker electric mechanism
The Berker range of electrical mechanisms is common to all the following series:

S.1, B.3, B.7, S.1, B.3, B.7, Q.1, Q.3, Q.7, K.1, K.5, Arsys, R.1, R.3, and R.8

The general structure of this complete mechanism is:

Mechanism + frame + key or cover

The modular system with the greatest number of aesthetics and types of materials. The breadth of shapes, colors and materials (glass, steel, aluminum, porcelain, concrete, ...) allows
combine the concepts of Quality, Functionality and Design. Suitable solutions for the decoration of any environment, in all its functionalities, both in conventional and electronic mechanisms and in building control and management.

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