Simon 82 CONCEPT

Simon 82 Concept, The Essence of Design
You can now find the entire Simon 82 Concep catalog in theelectricity store.

When you simplify a design to the purest and most primary forms, you can create a concept. You get this design to blend into the environment, as if it had always been there.

Elegance integrated into the environment
Both its matte finish and the color combination are designed so that the Simon 82 Concept can be integrated into any space. Whatever it is. Without attracting attention. Because we know that there is no equal space, but we have designed a very simple way to integrate into all of them.

Monocolor finish, where frame and key merge to form part of an environment.

If two colors predominate in a space, the two-color combination will be the solution so that the frame and the key go unnoticed

The matte finish gives it more discretion, making the collection seem inseparable from the environment


Minimal lines: fully integrate the key into the frame.
Flat frame: brings coherence to a collection that is designed to go unnoticed.
Minimum Bend Radius - Smoothes the design.


Embossed Inner Frame - Provides depth and highlights the key's function.
Step: improves integration into the wall and minimizes the feeling of thickness.


The 82 Concept series has two forms of supply: in two steps (semi-assembled sets) and in three steps:

The two steps consist in offering the different mechanisms with built-in keys or covers, in all the available finishes plus the frames separately.
With the three-step delivery form, the mechanisms, keys and covers and the frames are supplied separately

If your home has Simon 31, Simon 75, Simon 82 or Simon 88, you can update them with 82 Concept just by making these changes:

Changing only the frame
Changing key or cover and frame
A simple update that does not require a mechanism change.

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