Simon 400

Simon 400 is the comfort of connecting as and where you want.

Not wanting to establish yourself is a way of establishing yourself. Something that today has resurfaced strongly in our work environment.

And it is that to be able to work in the tranquility of that corner and at 2 hours in the meeting room, is to have a million offices in one.
It is to make a static routine, a more dynamic and functional. It is choosing where to sit depending on the day, if you need to concentrate or where the sun plays in the afternoon. It is choosing where to sit based on the agenda, the meetings or what has to be done today.

Simon 400 was born with only one objective: to make work tables a totally free space in which to create and create. To do this, all the pieces in the new collection take up as little space as possible on the desk, both physically and visually. Up to 23% more compact designs in which we eliminate unusable spaces, optimizing your useful work area to the maximum so that you can carry out your activity with total freedom of movement, without any element bothering you.

Its minimal lines and clean design elements make the Simon 400 an elegant, minimalist and compact collection. For this, the exposed screws, the vertical lines between functions and even the frame itself have been eliminated, making the attractive metal cover the only visible element of the piece.

Simon 400 has three distinguished finishes: white, black and aluminum. Three options that integrate perfectly into any space so that you feel comfortable with your clients, with your workers, with your colleagues; in short, to feel that any space is yours.

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