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Simon 82 Concept, the essence of design in

Simon 82 Concept is a series of electrical mechanisms with straight lines, with easy integration into any environment, and with special finishes very adapted to our time. It is one of the most minimalist series of electrical mechanisms from Simon. A collection specially designed to blend in with an environment.

The Simon 82 Concept frames

The main characteristics of the Simon 82 Concept frames are:

Minimal lines, integrating key and frame all in one
The flat frame allows a maximum fit to the environment so that it goes unnoticed
Minimal curvature of the frames softens the design
A relief on the inside of the frame adds depth and highlights the function of the key
The slight step that is part of the frame provides a feeling of minimal thickness
Available colors of Simon 82 Concept frames

The frames are available in the following colors:

matte white
Matt black
Number of elements and availability Simon 82 Concept

Frames are available from one to 4 elements:

1 element: 93x93 mm
2 elements: 93x164 mm
3 elements: 93x235 mm
4 elements: 93x306 mm
This range of Simon frames allows vertical and horizontal installation. In this way, the Simon 82 Concept electrical mechanisms can be installed horizontally and vertically without having to buy different references.

Very important for the installation of Simon 82 Concept

This series of electrical mechanisms, like other Simon series, share the same mechanism, so if you already have a series from the following list, it will not be necessary to buy the electrical mechanism.

Simon 31
Simon 75
Simon 82
Simon 88
The Simon 82 Concept series allows you to take advantage of the electric mechanism, if you already have it, you only have to buy the cover and the frame. All this material is available in the catalog of

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