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Hager | Lumina Intense Frame
The main idea of lumina is a simple and functional modular design. The same mechanism that can be used with the different series: soul and intense. Choose the combination you prefer: any lumina finish will harmonize perfectly not only with the wall, but also with the interior design.

Features of Intense frames
The Lumina Intense frames are available in a glossy polar white color, with the following dimensions:

Frame 1 element: 87.4x87.4mm
Frame 2 elements: 158.5x87.4mm
Frame 3 elements: 229.8x87.4mm
Frame 4 elements: 300.4x87.4mm
Frame 5 elements: 371.4x87.4mm

From 2 to 5 elements, the frame can be installed horizontally and vertically interchangeably.

Find in this section the entire catalog of frames of the Intense series.

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