Fluorescent tubes T4

The fluorescent tubes T4 are a type of tube with lower consumption than the fluorescent tubes T8 and T5. Your application for now, is limited to strips home use, vending machines and some types of lamps.

Can also be installed tubes T4 manually, with tube and transformer, but it tends to be a little frencuente. If that is the case, we have of tube T4 to perform the installations in the section of the lampholder.

Due to the large variety of fluorescent tubes T4 that are on the market and the low standardization, we have the tubes more frequent replacement. Before you purchase a tube T4, take a look at the characteristics of the product, such as the watts and mostly the exact measurement, because there are manufacturers who make tubes with different measures. The tubes that you will find in this category are the ones that we have available in permanent stock, all tested before shipping to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

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