Lumina electrical mechanisms

Hager Lumina Soul and Lumina Intense mechanisms: the series of mechanisms for today's life

Lumina soul
Lumina soul defines high quality as a standard. With its sleek and timeless design lumina fits into any current environment and lifestyle.

Lumina intense
lumina intense introduces additional color combinations to play with. Thus, it offers more possibilities depending on the design of each room

Technical characteristics
Metal frame

Solid without sharp edges. Additional bolt-on spaces allow easy mounting on even the most demanding surfaces.


Open claw geometry prevents damage during installation. The retracted claws allow easy positioning in the device case with less risk of injury.

From packaging to wall - fast, clean and safe. The lumina details are designed to make installation quick and efficient. Especially when the project is critical in terms of installation time and budget.

Quick connect terminals

Toggle terminals to allow a perfect connection. The sockets are fitted with screw terminals for optimal connection.

Access to terminals

Secure cable fixation for easy and clean installation without damaging connections.