The most elegant way to turn the light on and off

The aesthetic flat FLAT DESIGN allows for the first time the mounting of the frames practically flush with the wall. This results in a flat and smooth surface where nothing appears to overlap. This effect can be individually accentuated with a variety of materials and colors. For this reason, for every environment there is the right alternative in FLAT DESIGN. A studied modular system provides a great variety of technical applications.

The FLAT DESIGN flat program gives a special aesthetic to rooms. The frames protrude only 6.3 millimeters from the wall. So nothing seems superimposed. This effect is accentuated with a variety of materials and colors. In the thermoplastic material version, FLAT DESIGN is available in alpine white, ivory white, light gray and black.

Thermoplastic material. Compatible with F40 and F50 modules, sensor modules, Smart Radio DAB +, loudspeaker module and door communication system of the LS range

Frame dimensions
1 element 96mm x 96mm
2 elements 96 mm x 167 mm
3 elements 96mm x 238mm
The frames can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

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