BJC Ibiza

It was in the decade of the seventies, when the well-known industrial designer André Ricard brought an innovative concept in the design of small electrical material. He had created the series Ibiza BJC.
A piece of reference that, even today, desprendre all the flavor of the Mediterranean. Its balanced line of smooth curves, the creativity austere and simple features, the practical spirit that defines it, give the series a beauty, nothing artificial. A beauty that reflects all the purity of the Mediterranean.
The series BJC Ibiza stands out for its original design, due to its simplicity, smoothness, and, as not, for its innovative large key.
The keys and caps are made of resins termoendurentes autoextinguibles UREA, providing durability and safety to all the mechanisms.
The frames can be installed horizontally or vertically, it is not necessary to change the frame type, adapted to either of the two positions.
bjc ibiza