Frames Odace Touch

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The frames of the series Schneider Odace are like a chameleon to suit every style, every project, every design. For this reason, they have designed two models of the framework, which is adapted from the most classic to the most innovative and modern.

In this case, the model is Odace Touch, which are manufactured with innovative materials and finishes subtle. Natural wood and metal texturing, which offer a sensitive experience a refined and relaxing atmosphere, which coordinates perfectly with the minimalist chic of fairy stay home.

Colors available in Odace touch

With a white border:

- Matte white
- Brushed aluminum
- Aluminium martelé
- Bronze brushed
- Nature
- Nordic
- Ignita


- Brushed aluminum
- Ardesia
- Wenge

Measures of the frames Touch

1 item: 85x85mm
2 items: 85x156mm
3 elements: 85x227mm
4 elements: 85x298mm