Fontini Dimbler

The Fontini Dimbler catalog is another option to take care of every detail of your electrical installation. A range of interruption mechanisms in the form of a classic bell in a multitude of finishes that is compatible with the frames and accessories of the Fontini Garby series and with the frames of the Venezia collection.

Main features of Fontini's Dimbler mechanisms
Surface installation or adaptation to the frames / bases of the Garby and Venezia series

The mechanisms available in the Fontini Dimbler catalog are 10A - 250V

The contacts are silver for greater cutting precision

They are made of porcelain and brass

Colors in Dimbler finishes

This series of electrical mechanisms is presented in large groups of colors:

White, black, and metallic with white or black base

The colors of the hands in Dimbler
As if that were not enough, the hands are also available in a multitude of colors: black nickel, bright copper, bright gold, bright chrome, aged brass,


With this series you have a multitude of options and, although it is not a complete series (the full range of mechanisms such as plugs, data sockets, television etc) is missing, it is perfectly combined with compatible series.

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