Mechanism Schneider Odace

The mechanism Schneider Odace you can buy it in white or silver, you can use the color filter to simplify the preview.

Schneider Odace has features of high level:

Safety and reliability in all its mechanisms with materials of high quality manufacturing.

Simple: it has been designed to simplify the processes of installation, which are suitable for new buildings and projects of reform.

Innovative: combines technology and design with style, to offer not only a few mechanisms stylish, but also functional and useful.

Ecological: it has been designed and manufactured to offer the highest degree of respect with the environment. All materials and manufacturing plants Odace meet the more stringent environmental standards.

- The front plate allows a rotation of 5° in both directions, to compensate for a bad alignment of the installation box.
- Two notches at the two sides of the plate facilitate the alignment of multiple devices.
- The buttons of verification device and the socket in the front plate to facilitate the check without dismantling the device.
- The rack, with a sturdy design, ensures that links and facilitates the installation.
- More secure: connectors isolated and a wiring diagram in the back of the fixture.
- Complies with the standards and certification criteria: Category IP for installation in zone 3.

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