Get a spot of light on wall or ceiling in any room with sconces led or low-consumption like those that we offer below. You can find a variety of applique, mainly with two technologies; led installed or with light fixture to install led or low consumption.

Sconces with traditional light bulbs are going, little by little, falling behind, being replaced by sconces led high efficiency. Ideal for any type of stay and with low maintenance, makes it ideal for guest rooms, public places, offices etc

The main advantages of the sconces led:

  • Low maintenance: you don't have to change even a light bulb
  • Very long lasting: 25,000 hours of life
  • Very low consumption: energy rating-A++
  • Easy to assemble; it is very important for installations with a large quantity of wall lights led

However, if you decide to purchase a fixture with a light socket, you always have the possibility of installing the led bulbs, which in any case I will be just as efficient as the fixtures that come with led technology installed at the factory.

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