Simon 31

Simon 31 is a series of arrangements of timeless classical lines and push wide, which allow for their installation in any room of the home. The classic design and versatility of this series makes the day any room of your home or in the office.

The series of mechanisms Simon 31 consists of two parts generally:

  • Frames: from one to four elements, we can find them in two modes; smooth or rough. Both frames are for box universal recessed. They are available in white, ivory, aluminium, champagne and brown.

  • The mechanism: the mechanism comes with its corresponding key, in four colors to choose from; white, ivory, aluminium, champagne or brown decorated.

  • On the occasions where the internal mechanism is shared with other series, such as the TV outlet, or the regulators, there is the possibility of finding the covers of the series Simon 31 loose.

Novelty filtering in the mechanism

Taking into account that each range of simon has hundreds of references, we have added powerful functionality to access the mechanism of a more optimal way. From now on, you can access a specific color of your whole mechanism or mark Simon 31, only choosing the colour of the filtered column. So, if you are looking for the mechanism in aluminum color, you can with a single click, to display all the mechanism in aluminum color. In the frames we have added the number of items available for filtering more accurate.

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