Led bulbs

The LED (light-emitting diode') is a component of optoelectronic passive, or more specifically, a light-emitting diode. The LED light can be incorporated, thanks to its compact design, all the lighting technologies of today. The LED bulbs are best for homes, offices, industries, buildings or restaurants.

In the tiendadeelectricidad.com we offer all kinds of LED luminaire. Of them, we have spoken more than one occasion in our blog. The revolution of these bulbs has come thanks to its characteristics:

  • Lower consumption: a 80% savings
  • Greater length; up to 50,000 hours depending on model
  • Low maintenance due to its durability
  • Does not emit heat
  • Take care of the environment

These characteristics have made the led bulbs have become the best replacement of the traditional lighting. In fact, there is currently all kinds of models and bushing, so that the energy saving is available across the broad aspectro of light bulbs.

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