Berker S1

Berker S.1 is a modern classic for its clean, timeless, functional and simple-shaped character that continues to impress, with a superior design that earned it the winner of the iF 2000 Good Design Award 2001.

Modular concept, ergonomic design and square shape that guarantees easy handling
Its pure form harmonizes with very different environments and is suitable for different uses as well. Common keys and mechanisms for S1, B.3, B.7 series
Frames of up to 5 elements that can be combined vertically or horizontally
Berker S.1
Berker S.1 is synonymous with "standard", even in its forms. Because this range of switches has set the real standards for simplicity, functionality and timelessness. And because, thanks to these qualities, it has naturally evolved to become a standard option for office and residential buildings.

Berker S.1 Colors
This series of mechanisms is available in glossy white, polar white, aluminum, anthracite and red.

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