Limitador de sobretensiones 2P 25A HAGER
  • Limitador de sobretensiones 2P 25A HAGER

2P surge limiter 25A HAGER MZ225V

VAT included

2P surge limiter 25A

Set for housing combined permanent overvoltage protection associated with general automatic switch 2P, 6000A breaking capacity according to DIN EN 60898-1 C.Intensidad Curve 25A nominal. Shooting for permanent voltage surge sup. 280V ca. According to standards: UNE EN 50550, UNE EN 60898-1

Available in 48/72h

surge arrester 2P

surge protector is a device designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes as they manage or administer power of an electronic device connected to this. This protective regulates the voltage applied to an electrical device by blocking or sending ground above a safe threshold voltages.
Permanent surges are increases in voltage exceeding 10% the rated voltage and indefinite. Feeding equipment with a voltage higher than that for which they were designed can generate: