Kit panel photovoltaic isolated basic 120W
  • Kit panel photovoltaic isolated basic 120W

Basic isolated photovoltaic panel kit 2 AC 800W

VAT included

Kit photovoltaic isolated compound by:

1 photovoltaic Panel REC260PE (260 Wp)
1 Battery TAB MOTION 190 (12V/190Ah)
1 Regulator VICTRON BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 (12/24V-15A)
1 Converter VICTRON Phoenix 12V/800W

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The isolated areas of the electricity distribution networks usually present a low density of population, difficult terrain and/or landscape interest.

For this reason, in most of these cases, the photovoltaic solar energy is the most economical and viable to produce electricity, and the technology is consolidated, which already has more than 50 years of implementation around the world.

Kits photovoltaic solar panels consist of the equipment necessary to generate energy according to needs (KWh/day), thus facilitating the selection of the most appropriate solution for each case, depending on the consumption of energy daily.

Kit pv Basic 2 AC 800W

Autonomy estimated with a consumption equivalent to 2/3 of the energy (Wh/day), usable in the period of winter.

Oriented housing use in summer and on weekends; lighting, TV, small appliances and refrigerator (650 Wh/day)

The kit includes the battery terminals

Power generation (Wh/day)2 . See map at the bottom for more information on areas

Energy winter:

  • Zone 1: 460
  • Zone 2: 500
  • Zone 3: 620
  • Zone 4: 700

Energy summer:

  • Zone 1: 820
  • Zone 2: 1000
  • Zone 3: 1000
  • Zone 4: 1100


Battery life: 3.2 days



Map of the production of energy in an installation of photovoltaic panels

How much energy produced the pv installation?

The energy production of a photovoltaic panel depends mainly on the following factors:

  • Power of the installation (Wp) and performance.
  • Position of the plates; the more perpendicular the sun situemos the plate, the more energy production. In our latitude the most suitable position for photovoltaic plates of an isolated facility will be a south orientation and an inclination between 45 and 50°, in contrast to an installation of self-consumption the inclination most suitable will be 30 ° and 35 ° and in both cases, the plates shall be free of shadows.
  • The incident solar radiation, will vary in function of the geographical location. On the chart indicate areas that have been considered to determine the solar production estimate, which is indicated in the descriptive tables of the kits.

 mapa  energia


In our latitude the most suitable position for photovoltaic panels of a stand-alone installation will be a south orientation and an inclination of 50 ° (favorable to the production of winter) and no shadows.




Components of the kit photovoltaic

The kit photovoltaic is composed by

1 photovoltaic Panel REC260PE (260 Wp)

The range of panels Peak Energy presents an average performance of 16.7 % and has a structural design, prepared to support efforts severe in extreme environmental conditions or harsh environments. It also integrates an innovative technology in the composition of the cells and the panel that allows you to maximize the use of the solar radiation, even in adverse conditions such as fog, clouds and rain or first and last hours of the day.

1 Battery TAB MOTION 190 (12V/190Ah)

Battery Monoblock semi traction lead acid open for solar applications, are battery-compact flat-plate and low-maintenance, ideal for use in small photovoltaic systems.

1 Regulator VICTRON BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 (12/24V-15A)

Charge regulators with technology MPPT, ultra-fast, which, together with its system of load management BatteryLife, it allows to separate the operating voltage of the panels to the battery voltage, increasing the performance of the installation between 10% and 15%, with respect to the facilities with regulators conventional PWM

1 Converter VICTRON Phoenix 12V/800W

Converter pure sinwave output, high peak power and high efficiency. The combination of the technology of high frequency and line frequency guaranteed to give you the best of both worlds. Available in models between 150 VA and 5000 VA per module, with peak power very high


It is possible that some components may change due to updates and improvements of the kits of solar panels.


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