Instant glue Mini 3 Super glue-3 Loctite 3x1g

VAT included

Pack three tubes of instant glue

Mini 3 loc tite

3 tubes of 1 gr

Preparation 48/72h

1. Product type

Super Glue-3 Mini Trio of Loctite is an adhesive single-component adhesive based
cyanoacrylate medium viscosity. The product is designed for use in the
home. Form strong joints in a very wide range of materials that can be
so much porous as non-porous.

2. Field of Application

− Bonds instantly to most materials, in particular rubber, plastic, leather,
porcelain, ceramic, wood, metal, cardboard and paper.
− Not suitable for bonding polypropylene, polyethylene, silicone, glass, skai, soft PVC, teflon®
and polystyrene.
− Not suitable for containers that must hold hot liquids.

3. Properties

− Composition: Cyanoacrylate ethyl.
− Color: Transparent
− Density: 1.1 g/mL at 20ºC.
− Viscosity: 25-100 mPa·s
− Final resistance (ISO 4587): 10-20N/mm2 (The final resistance varies in function of the
nature of the substrate).
− Complies with EN204-D3 water resistance. Withstands the dishwasher
− Withstands temperatures between -50 ° C up to peaks of exposures of 120.
− Resists shock.

4. Mode of employment

1. Make sure that the surfaces to be bonded are clean of dust, grease and dirt
are dry, and fit perfectly.
2. Apply a minimal amount of Super Glue-3 Mini Trio on one of the surfaces to
3. Join the two pieces together immediately by keeping them under pressure during the
time of fixation (between 15-60 seconds).

4. Do not manipulate the union until after 10 minutes or better during the entire night until
the union to reach the maximum force.
5. Close well the bottle after use and store in a vertical position in a place
cool and dry, out of the reach of children.

5. Practical tips

− Make sure that the product is not in contact with the skin.
− Avoid splashing and protects both your clothes and the work surface.
− Delete the product hardened with the product Loctite Limpiapegamento.
− For best results, applications should be done at room temperature
(15-30ºC) and with a minimum of a 30% relative humidity.
− Close well the bottle after use and store in a vertical position in a place
cool and dry, out of the reach of children.

6. Times

− Clamping time: the time of the initial fixation is between 5-30 seconds.
− Hardening time: after 12 to 24 hours it reaches its final resistance.

The times may vary depending on the nature of the substrates and of the
the application conditions.

7. Presentation

− 3 Tubes of 1g.


  • Multi-use superglue, ideal for non-porous surfaces
  • Resistant to water and dishwasher
  • Shock resistant
  • Resistant to temperatures (from -50ºC to 120ºC)
  • Adheres in seconds
  • Extra strong
  • Joints transparent
  • Close more secure with screw plug type, non-clogging
  • Different applicators: anti-spill/ easy grip/ long nozzle/ easy to apply
  • Multi-material*
  • Without solvents

* Except polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene, Teflon®, or synthetic fibers.

EDM 96601

Data sheet

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