Amplifier of mast high gain Televés 535740
  • Amplifier of mast high gain Televés 535740

REFERENCIA: Televes 561601
VAT included
Amplifier installation in mast to amplify and mix signals of terrestrial tv and satellite from multiple antennas.
It consists of 3 inputs: the signal is amplified in the input BIII/UHF, while that of FM, and FI (SAT) only mix.
Allows passage of DC to the input satellite to feed the LNB.
3 inputs: BIII/UHF-FMmix-FImix
Available in 48/72h

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This antenna amplifier for mast stands out for
  • Incorporating technology "USES" (User Selectable Output Signal): the installer selects the desired output level, which remains stable. The device automatically adjusts itself to adapt its gain to the variations of the input signal.
  • Separate amplification and very low noise figure, thus respecting the quality of the signal
  • Ergonomic design ultrarreducido
  • Connection system EasyF
  • Can be powered from 12 to 24V
  • Manufacturing completely automated and subjected to rigorous quality controls
  • Chassis of high shielding, manufactured in Zamak

Main features
  • Filter LTE/4G to eliminate the interference of telephony
  • ON/OFF switch to allow the passage of DC to the input of UHF, in order to feed a BOSS system
  • Assembly is very simple. Flange for fastening to the mast included
  • Chest made of durable ABS plastic orange for your outdoor installation


Connection system EasyF: simplicity and savings

The EasyF it is an innovative concept of connecting the inner conductor of the coaxial cable (live), which is inserted directly into the device to increase the reliability of the connection. Moreover, thanks to the absence of connectors "F", it is possible to reduce the chassis and secure the connection of two cables with a single screw.

  • Actual time saving: speed up the installation it is possible to, not being required to perform the connectorization of coaxial cables. In addition, it prevents the threading process of the connectors on the device, which sometimes is difficult when the space is not enough
  • Reliability of connection: the flange that holds the wires prevents the coaxial release
  • Cost savings: no need for any connectors (or "F" or "IEC") extra
  • Space optimization: the inputs and outputs are always located on the same side of the device, avoiding bending the coaxial cable and facilitating the work inside cupboards and records
  • Mounting is very simple in three steps: it is only required to screw and unscrew the caps to connect two cables:

1. Unscrew the cap of the distributor to access the connection

2. Insert the coaxial cable previously peeled

3. Close the cover and screw to secure the connection

Find out more about the reliability of the system EasyF

With EasyF, the connection of the coaxial cable in the device is performed by using an automated system for the insertion of the live (inner conductor) by contact, requiring no welding.

  • As the first day: the life time of the device is increased by eliminating the possible deterioration of the welds with the passage of time
  • Reducing the rate of malfunctions: generally produced by welding cold
  • Optimization of the emc behavior: at high frequencies
  • Reinforcement of our commitment to the environment: it eliminates the pollution caused by the welding process and reduces the power consumption in the production
Televes 561601

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