Simon Scena

Simon Scena: control the light and awaken the emotions

Simon Scena is the maximum customization, it is the combination of light and color for all kinds of needs. Transform homogeneous and uniform spaces into heterogeneous and full of contrast with light effects and the amount of light you need. Find here the entire range of Simon Scena products and enjoy full control of light and environments.

Scena technology system architecture.

Corporate lighting: subtle and gradual transitions are dynamically generated with the corporate color during a specific time.
Meeting rooms: adequacy of lighting to highlight the most important aspects in a meeting or presentation.
Lighting in open plan: the luminaires are automatically activated according to working hours. Thus, with constant light management, the entire space is uniform and without contrasts, balancing natural and artificial light.
Individual areas or offices: individual control of lighting or by groups for general on and off.
Areas with little natural light input: biodynamic effect lighting helps workers complete the day by simulating the circadian cycle.

Types of users in Scena

Individual user: by smartphone the light adapts to each user in areas of individual use
General user: from reception it is possible to quickly view the active functionalities of the building and know their status
Advanced user: The building maintenance manager has access to all the lighting circuits in the building and can create functionalities that integrate all the systems.

The 5 main features of Simon Scena

Full light control: you can control any light function
Quick and intuitive use through multiple interfaces: both for personal and professional use, there are different interfaces to create the environments you need
Easy and simple configuration: the USB input allows you to download schedules or update versions with new functions.
Universal: compatible with all lighting protocols for all types of luminaires
Scalability: several Scena installations can grow and be controlled from the same interface

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