Simon 27 Play

In this category the number of electrical mechanisms Simon 27 Play.

If you've thought to renew the electrical mechanisms, you've surely thought of Simon 27 Play. One of the series most well-known of the mechanisms simon, and also with a multitude of options and a price really interesting.

This series is composed by:

  • The frames, which may be with mid-piece or without it
  • The mechanism
  • The mid-pieces, only in the case of choosing the framework to intermediate piece
  • Covers that are interchangeable.

The covers interchangeable Simon 27 Play

You can find a wide range of covers interchangeable multitude of colors. These covers are placed by clicking on the frame on the normal Simon 27 Play. Although it is not a necessary product, you can customize the most of each stay with its wide variety of colors.

Pontics Simon 27 Play

The inserts are placed in the intermediate part between the mechanism and the framework. This product is necessary if you purchase the frames for the intermediate piece.

Mechanisms Simon 27 Play

This series of electrical mechanisms used by the range of mechanisms Simon 27.